ELMAP High-performance Airborne LiDAR

The ELMAP Airborne LiDARs are a series of compact, high-performance laserscanners designed for cost-effective airborne laser mapping with fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, gyrocopters, and large-payload UAVs.

ELMAP lidars are currently available in two versions, the ELMAP15 for operating altitudes of up to 2100 m above ground, and the ELMAP30 for altitudes of up to 3600 m. Both versions feature

  • an industry-leading large scan angle of 80° (±40°) for efficient wide-area mapping at the full scan speed of up to 240 scanlines per second.
  • high effective measurement rates of up to 1.400.000 shots-on-the-ground per second for high-density mapping
  • waveform digitization for every shot with a market-leading 14 bits-per-sample radiometric resolution for low-noise ranging performance and high-accuracy surface object acquisition, unlimited number of returns per shot, return pulse intensity/surface reflectance, and pulse width/surface roughness information from every pulse
  • integrated removable data storage with standard high-capacity SSDs for easy data transport and media exchange during flight
  • compact size (405 x 216 x 243 mm) and the lowest power consumption (max. 125W) of their class
  • single-handed operation in pilot-only environments and autonomous operation in unmanned airborne vehicles
  • and last but not least, the ELMAPs unrivaled friendly price tags in addition their outstanding performance make them the ideal choice for organizations entering the lidar mapping field, or intending to complement or replace outdated existing equipment.


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