Open positions

We are expanding! Join our new team at Germany's technology leader for high-performance airborne LiDAR sensors and systems for Airborne Laser Mapping.

We currently have the following job openings in full- or part time positions:

  • Lidar specialist / optics engineer / physicist
    • Improve existing and develop new lidar sensor technology and sensors
    • Test and assemble optical/opto-mechanic components and sub-systems
    • Optical system alignment and calibration
    • Quality control and laser safety
  • Lidar data processing specialist / trainer / operator
    • Process, analyze, visualize lidar data
    • System calibration with test flight data
    • Analyze and debug customer data
    • Experience using TerraSolid software
    • Train customers with processing techniques and procedures, operational customer support
    • Operate lidar systems during test flights and demonstrations
  • Mechatronics / electronics technician
    • Test and assemble electronic and mechanical components, circuit boards, sub-systems
    • Manufacture and test cabelling
    • Assist in electronics development, prototyping, testing
    • Mechanical alignment, balancing
  • Office administrator
    • Book- and record keeping
    • Human resources management
    • Ordering, quotations, and invoicing
    • Inventory and warehouse management
    • Organize team, travel, events
    • Advertising and marketing

All positions require at least a few years of professional experience. As we are looking to create a small but powerful team, all applicants should be committed to work as responsible team players, and be open to expanding their knowledge and skills. Even if you do not have the exact skills/experiences listed above but experience in similar fields and are willing to expand your horizon please get in touch.

Please contact us for more information, or submit your application to: jobs(at)

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